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Seeing as how I’ve never actually developed anything productive for Virtual Boy, I decided to take an hour or two to draft up a simple game. This is an implementation of an old handheld toy called Lights Out.

When you first start the program, all 25 lights will be blinking. Press the Start button to begin playing. This is done to seed the random number generator.

Move the cursor with the left D-pad, and push lights with the A button. The goal is to turn them all off. If you succeed, you will be presented with a new random puzzle.

All puzzles generated by this program can be solved.

A picture and ROM are attached to this post.

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Wow… I am BAD at this game, but it looks like it can provide many hours of fun!

Awesome, thanks! But please don’t take offense, could you make cooler sprites?
Like make the room 3D cubed and the cursor cooler too?

This game is in its final version. It is exactly what it’s supposed to be: 25 squares and a dot. (-:

The graphics themselves are just generated programmatically anyway. We get the solid red squares courtesy of our good friend memset().

I made this to get a feel for the system’s operations. I’m working on a different, more interesting game now.

With all your ability I can’t wait to see what you will come up with. (No brown nosing intended)

I think its cool your using the VB to practice programing; even if it is in such a simplistic manor (more then I could do).

It wasn’t so much that I was using the Virtual Boy to practice programming; I’ve had quite a bit of practice programming. (-:

Rather, the purpose was to use programming to practice using the features of the Virtual Boy. I’m working on an actual game now, but before I went into that, I wanted to have a firm grasp on the hardware operations.

Well thanks for sharing your scratch paper with us. 🙂 Will you consider sharing the source code?

I’d be happy to share the source code! However, it’s designed to use devkitV810 and libvue, both of which are still in development and are not ready for release. )-:

At last report, I’d removed my pseudorandom number generator and migrated to srand() and rand(), but it wasn’t linking correctly. This is a devkitV810 thing, and since I scrubbed the old code, it’s not possible to have this program exactly at this time. (-:

Looking forward to it eventually, then. 🙂


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