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Any chance we will see link cable support in Reality Boy?

Would it be possible do you think to make a link for a COM-port or USB?

It would be really nice for us that only have one real VB.

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There is already link cable support in Reality Boy, but only emulator to emulator over tcp/ip, locally or over the internet.

Ok, I meant with a real VB. 😉

I’ve thought about it, but never really saw much point in it. Typically if I want RB w/ link it’s for dev… so I did RB<->RB. Since almost nobody else has a VB<->PC cable, I figured there wasn’t much point in it unless I wanted it (which I haven’t had a need for yet).

But yeah, it’d definitely be possible.


How would a VB to PC cable be built?

It would be nice to be able to play two player (all of them 😉 ) games against the computer until I get a second unit…

It would also be fun to be able to use a real unit if wanting to make a link game.

I’ve built a PC<->VB cable using the parallal port, as well as a USB one using an FTDI chip (this one I believe: http://www.dlpdesign.com/usb/2232m.shtml ).


Any chance we’ll see support for a parallel-port cable in RB? That would be fun!

Do you have a connection schematic? I guess parallel is the cheapest way to do it?

I don’t think I’ll ever add support for Parallel port… only one or two of my computers have a parallel port, there’s probably quite a few people that don’t even have one… the code was very picky about timing, and I don’t even know where my cable is anymore. Not to mention that I don’t really have any desire to link RB to a VB. Once I made the USB one, I pretty much gave up on the Parallel Port one (the USB one is much nicer to work with, as well as being “modern”).

It is probably the cheapest way though… I’ll see if I can dig up some stuff I wrote up on it though (pinouts and stuff).


Well, without support there’s probably not much use of having it.

Playing linked VB games over internet would be fun if that could work though.


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