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I was looking at the logo (I use the “32Bit” theme) and I thought “that Japanese text looks cool, but the word ‘Planet’ looks sorta… out of place.”

So, being the Japanese scholar that I am (ha!), and knowing that “Legend of Zelda” in Japanese is “zeruda no densetsu”, I took the phrase “bacharu boi no wakusei” (“Planet of Virtual Boy”?), found the words in an online dictionary, copied them into a text editor, displayed them in both “MS Mincho” and “MS Gothic” (both 48pt) and compiled them into a pair of PNGs. Each one includes kana only, kanji, and kanji with furigana (kana above the kanji) versions.

The attached archive contains the PNGs plus PSP8 files with the three strings on separate layers plus the text itself in utf-8 and utf-16 formats.


(PS, if you make any bumper-stickers or anything with ’em, send me one ;-))

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