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Im primarily looking for Innsmouth no Yakata, but im also looking for several other games and soft case. Im not looking for boxes or anything, mainly just the cartridges (but i would gladly accept whatever comes with it~)
I dont have a large budget so im hoping to get these at:

Innsmouth: as close to $100 as possible
Jack Bros (US): as close to $100 as possible
3D Tetris: $25
V-Tetris: $10
Waterworld: $40
Soft Case: around $30

Im relatively new to the Virtual Boy, but these are games I want at prices ideal for me (keep that in mind), PM me if you have any to sell, and with the price you want, as i said, these are the prices i hope for~

i’d prefer to keep payment with paypal but id be willing to deal with whatever payment you prefer if need be

PM with games and what you want them for~ 🙂

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