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I was so busy planning that I forgot to let the community know, but we streamed Hyper Fighting this past weekend. LPGE had a Virtual Boy modded by FurrTek over in France to do A/V out, and previous year’s we project it on the wall, but this year we streamed the tournament. It was awesome.

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That’s so cool ! I’m still waiting an answer from Furrtek, normally he should be making a few A/V out boards (I asked him to do so and it should be on it’s way) but I don’t have anymore replies from him since a few weeks ago :/

How cool is that? Is there are recoding of the stream available somewhere?

Only found a photo.


Due to the way Twitch works, the VOD most likely will be auto deleted in a couple of weeks unless if they highlight the Hyper Fighting tournament. But meanwhile, here’s the video while it’s still up, starts at about 6 hours 5 minutes into the stream.

Is there anyway to download the video?

bigmak wrote:
Is there anyway to download the video?

I was able to download it with ‘video download helper’ for firefox, but it’s 8 GB and the sound is off sync when playing it in windows media player (many seconds) …

I also tried to save the HF snippet only, but I didn’t manage to keep audio and video synced yet …

If all else fails you can put the audio back in sync with the video with a video editing program

I’ll work on making sure it’s archived on our end and see what we can do about editing it up into sections.

Again, so sorry I didn’t give you guys a heads up. We moved venues, so it felt like starting over this year. Too much to tend to!

With the new cables being made, there’s a good chance we’ll be doing two setups next year. Fingers crossed!


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