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I tried to mail the guy who has the http://www.projectvb.com site. But the email bounced – is he a member here?

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His user name is DogP, and he is pretty active here.

Yeah, I’m here… it’s easiest to PM me here for now, I switched ISPs but still haven’t gotten my email situation totally figured out yet.


gmail works… 😉

Heh, yeah… I was gonna do gmail, but I wanted a short name, like dogp@, and it wouldn’t let me do that. And I don’t want to give out a temporary one and change it in a couple months and have to keep checking a bunch of different ones. I figured since I’ve got my own domain name, I should be able to have any name I want at projectvb.com, but my host is kinda crappy (but free), so I haven’t gotten that taken care of yet.


projectvb@gmail.com isn’t free either ;-(


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