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I just got my GoSub cart in the mail today (the game is a lot harder on real hardware than it is on Reality Boy.) Anyway, I’d like to make a label for the game, but haven’t the foggiest idea how to go about doing this. Is there like an office label (like Avery) that is the same size or near the same size that I can use, or what?

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There’s a thread in the main discussion board with some information on making labels here.

The easiest thing to do is having the label printed at a print shop in glossy adhesive paper, then cut to size and stick to cartridge.

I always just print it on a sticker (full sheet label), then use super clear packing tape to give it a glossy finish and protection, then cut to size.


“I just got my GoSub cart in the mail today” hm… so some vb homebrew games have been release separately as carts?

He said in the GoSub thread he would like to have a Mario’s Tennis cartridge converted to a GoSub cartridge.

And someone on this forum made themself a Blox cartridge.

“I just got my GoSub cart in the mail today”

I made it (using a FlashBoy PCB minus the USB).

Talking of labels, we use a Polaroid zinc printer for the FlashBoy. Water / fade proof and an adhesive backing built-in

A FlashBoy PCB? Did you buy a FlashBoy just to make a single game cartridge? Two 8bit 1Mbit PLCC-circuits (or larger for that matter) and an ordinary PCB without the memory should have been enough… to keep the costs down.


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