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Just curious as I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere but did anyone else get a message from a now deleted user asking to contact them via an email address? For obvious reasons I won’t repost the message contents but when I went to check my messages both it and the user have been deleted which makes me think it likely was a bot sending messages…

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Indeed, must have been that spambot that reappered a few times under different names in the past days. Please do not react to those messages!

Yeah I don’t plan to. I haven’t been on this site in months and found it odd someone I didn’t know was messaging me. If it WASN’T a bot I’d have replied here instead of via email. Thanks.

Got a notification about a weird message Through Planet VB, anyone else get this too?

Hello,This is aanna kindly get back to me Please for a special reason I am Waiting for you

Unfortunate if someone is spamming through the site.
Have not been on in a while, hello everyone!

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I got that too, twice. So, sorry everyone, looks like there isn’t someone named aanna who is waiting for you for a special reason.

Hopefully the Mods will disable that account then..

Seems like it’s all cleaned up…

i got it too. i knew it was spam lol. i replied and said you can tell me here i wont reply to your email. i then said you have all the signs of a sex bot or phishing scam. prove me wrong but i doubt it.

i will never under stand sex bots. used to get those all the time on skype. pissed me off.

Merged into previous thread about the same spammer.

After deleting a dozen of “aanna something” spam profiles, I have now implemented some filter as counter measure. Hopefully this will keep them away.


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