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I am releasing my own V810 assembler, which I call simply “Matej’s V810 assembler”.

Why yet another assembler? Well, I just didn’t like any of the others. David Tucker’s assembler doesn’t even support labels, so it’s useless in its current state (and it’s written in Java). The Virtual-E assembler is OK, but has many annoying bugs and doesn’t support local labels, so creating ROM hacks with it was difficult and error-prone. And GAS is simply a GNU program with the usual GNU quality and ease of use (or rather the lack of those).

So I wrote my own assembler, which quite simply makes no compromises with regard to quality. It has a working expression evaluator, local labels/identifiers, can automatically assign addresses to global variables, supports VB-specific instructions, recognizes both the “$” and “r” way of referring to registers, automatically aligns everything, has clear error messages, and you can just use it in any way you want. It also has a ROM-hacking mode with which you can apply a hack to a ROM in one step, no hex editing required.

It is available for multiple platforms. You can get it on my Web site:


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That’s pretty cool. Would have been very handy in the past. Well, there will always be more rom-hacks I guess.

Very nice release!

The link to the OS X (x86-64) version is faulty, btw, there’s one x too much.

After more than 8 years, there’s now a new version (1.5) with a few fixes and improvements.


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