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I bought a USA Virtual Boy, and it seems to work okay with the exception of the screen for the right eye.

About 40% of the way up the right screen from the bottom is a horizontal row of missing pixels. Sadly this carries over with the 3D effect while playing and is pretty distracting. Is this a common problem with the console and is there anything I can do to fix it?

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Does this apply to my problem? I haven’t been about to find any pictures that look like my missing pixels; they all look like graphical glitches.

I have the same issue with my virtual boy. I bought it with the left eye not displaying anything, and the right eye with a glitchy image. I soldered both eyes, and got the left eye and right eye to not only work, but display perfectly! …except for the left eye which has a very very thin line in the middle of the bottom half going across the screen. It’s barely noticeable during gameplay, most games you have to actively pay attention to it to know it’s even there to see it. (It took me over a week after fixing it to even notice it was there) Only after seeing it in the paddle of galactic pinball did I notice. I tried cleaning the mirror, the round glass before the mirror, resoldering multiple times and even cleaning the led’s themselves, but I’ve concluded that it must be a dead LED in the left eye.
Unfortunately if your problem is not dust on the mirror or glass, or specs on the led, then an LED or multiple LED’s are out, which means that whole LED/ribbon cable piece would need to be replaced. I have to be paying attention to my line to notice so I just deal with it, but if yours is more heavily noticeable, then you might want to consider buying a replacement LED Unit.
I could only find one one online since it isn’t something people sell often, and it’s pretty expensive:


unfortunately I think this is the only way to fix your issue, since replacing a single LED of that size is nearly impossible 🙁

It depends on the game. The missing pixels are barely noticeable in something like Mario’s Tennis where they line up with the black background, but they can always bee seen in something like Wario Land.

It must have been damaged in transit because the system is otherwise like new. It even came with the original receipt. I haven’t noticed any of the symptoms of wear like uneven screen brightness.

We’re definitely experiencing the same issues, just to varying degrees it seems. Mine is the same way, I can notice it if I pay attention playing something red like T&E golf, but it’s hardly noticeable when playing 3-D Tetris, only seen in the outlines of the menu options. If your virtual boy is soldered, or is working perfectly otherwise with no other graphical issues, and the lines are stationary while the system is operating, then it has to be those LED’s being dead. That really stinks that it was damaged in transit like that, wish there was a better way to fix it than replacing the ribbon cable, but sadly I don’t think there is 🙁 I’ll post a picture to see if we’re having the same issues

Very sorry for the long delay, I haven’t been able to work on my VB for a while due to work. So this is what the left-eye of my VIrtual Boy looks like. There is a single horizontal like going through the middle of the lower half of the screen, which in most games you can’t see, but in some with reds all over you can see pretty clearly. Due to the max file-size limit, I have to split the images up into a couple posts:

1: The first one is where I first noticed the line, which you can see on the lower half of the bumpers. The other lines are just from the camera.

2: You can see it in the bottom of the text box right under the shadow, it’s harder to see in the darker reds.

3: you can clearly see it next to the box, it’s always in the same spot, just sometimes more noticeable than others.

4: and you can VERY clearly see it here on the clouds, when the whole screen is red, it’s bright as day.

Now the cause of just a solid line could be a couple things, but it’s not the ribbon cable. The cable has been soldered many times, and the problem always persists, plus a loose cable would result in multiple thicker lines or glitchy display, not one solid line. It could be a cracked mirror, or a line of dirt on it, but that’s been cleaned, it could be the glass in between the LED’s and the mirror, but that’s perfect as well, so the problem for me at least must lie in the LED’s themselves. The casing around the LED’s is firmly attached to the board, so that means nothing’s getting in or out, so the likelyhood of dust or other particles entering in and sitting on an LED are slim to none. So either one if the bulbs is bad, or one of the connections is, and seeing how microscopic the connections are to the LED, it’d be almost impossible to replace a bulb or re-solder it. The only option is to replace the whole LED-unit/board altogether, which are hard to come-by unfortunately, so I’ve just learned to live with mine. I don’t know what yours looks like, but I’m guessing the issue is the same. Hopefully I was able to answer some of the questions you’ve been having problems with.

a single solid black line is 100% a dead led. its not fixable by soldering. now multiple lines across the scren is a bad cable/glue issue. that can be fixed by soldering.

if you all are having issues please fell free to contact me as i do a professional VB solder repairs. ive been doing it for 3 years with 100% satisfaction 😛

Here’s another article that I found about the same issue, just to a more extreme level.

Nes Freak wrote:
if you all are having issues please fell free to contact me as i do a professional VB solder repairs. ive been doing it for 3 years with 100% satisfaction 😛

Also PM sent to you Nes Freak


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