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Hello it’s MisterMC (formally Barbecueflesh).

As sad to admit to put my first unfinished game “Playball” on terminal hold, due to being that hard to make such complex of realistic physical game like Galactic Pinball.

But if there’s one (or in this case, a second) chance to plan to make a game called “Wimp-Free Spinning”.

It lives with a story about an self-proclamied mysterious insect named “Moonbug” entering an “Wimp-Free Spinning” contest where bugs and insects have to spin around on a largest plant stem as they go up until they finally reached it, while avoiding obstacles, the one who reaches at the top “naturally” wins.

It’s art style is sometimes sketchy-like, since it’s my way of making sprites or doing drawings.

Gameplay goes like this; you’re waiting for a countdown with numbers (starting with 5 to 1), when it says “GO FOR THE HIGHSCORE!” you press A button then B button within pattern to increase “Moonbug’s” speed until he shapes into a sphere with his left arm open, the more speed he has, the higher he goes, but that doesn’t stop yet, when on the plant stem you take control of him in his sphere shape (as he spins around on a stem with his left hand in a 3D aspect) by using both D-pads, using left D-pad slows him down, and using right D-pad speeds him up, up the way you face obstacles such as birds who goes around the stem (in 3D aspect of course) two times before flying away until coming back after two seconds, you can make your player do a speed boost by pressing L or R buttons as long as you increase the boost meter by hitting bird’s backs, there will be a score board and a timer board.

I have two mockshots of how the game would look like (and yes, there’s some sketchy sprites).

But the real question is… Will I able to do it on my own and promise to build it?

Well it would be a mystery for now.

Feel free to bring feedbacks.

<img src=”wimp-free_spinning_sketch_plan.png”
<img src=”wimp-free_spinning_mockshot1.png″
<img src=”wimp-free_spinning_mockshot2.png″

Sorry if these HTML codes don’t work, while I was hoping it will not be marked as spam as I edit my post again.

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