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Today I’ve got a great new articlescan for you with the complete Virtual Boy Tsushin, the only issue of the rare Virtual Boy magazine of the japanese Famitsu. Thanks for it go out to Shawn, who scanned in the whole 100(!) pages of the mag! (And applause for me for finally having finished post-editing all of them after more than 6 months *lol*) Two new articles from England, from Edge and Ultimate Future Games, were supplied by Spank0, thank you man! And there’s also a new GameFAQ for Mario’s Tennis by James aka koholint takeout.

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I noticed on page 13 of this magazine that there is a list of video game developers, ones who said they were going to enter the Virtual Boy market and ones who were considering doing so. I’ve already translated the section with the ones who said that they were going to enter the market, and I found some new names of ones whose planned games are, I believe, still unknown. I can’t make out all of the names on the list, though, with the current quality of the scans. If anybody can send me higher quality scans of this page, I can get everything translated. Below is what I have translated so far. Everything in parentheses is my notes that I have made about the respective developers on the list.

Manufacturers Expected for Entry into the Market and Manufacturers Considering Entry into the Market

[参入を表明しているメーカー] = [Manufacturers that have announced entry into the market]
アイマックス = I’MAX (made Mansion of Insmouse)
ITC = ???
アスミック = Asmik (planned to make Gulf Battlefront: Red City)
アテナ = Athena (made Virtual Bowling)
アトラス = Atlus (made Jack Bros.)
エクシング = XING INC. (what were they planning to make?)
エポック社 = Epoch (planned to make Doraemon and Nobita’s Heart-Pounding Ghostland)
エンジェル = Angel (this was a short-lived subsidiary of Bandai; Bandai ended up making SD Gundam Dimension War)
カプコン = Capcom (Street Fighter II was simply rumored to be in development)
ココナッツジャパン = Coconuts (made Space Squash; planned to make Interceptor, Proteus Zone, Sundays Point, Star Seed)
ケムコ = Kemco (made Virtual League Baseball; planned to make Virtual League Baseball 2)
Jウイング = J-Wing (made Virtual Lab; planned to make J.League 3D Stadium, Out of the Deathmount, Signal Rat, Strange Animal School)
T&Eソフト = T&E Soft (made 3-D Tetris, Golf, Red Alarm)
?? (Can’t make out the characters for this one)
トミー = Tomy (planned to make New Japan Pro Wrestling: Fierce Fighting Legends)
ナムコ = Namco (what were they planning to make?)
任天堂 = Nintendo (made Galactic Pinball, Mario Clash, Mario’s Tennis, Teleroboxer, Virtual Boy Wario Land)
パックインビデオ = Pack-in-Video (made Virtual Fishing)
バップ = Vap (planned to make Virtual Double Yakuman)
ハドソン = Hudson (made Panic Bomber, Vertical Force; planned to make Virtual Bomberman)
BPS = Bullet-Proof Software (made V-Tetris; planned to make Faceball)
ヘクト = Hect (planned to make Virtual Dodge Ball)
?法株式会社 (Can’t make out all of the characters for this one)
ライトスタッフ = Right Stuff (planned to make Virtual Jockey)
ほか = Others


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