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bigmak is excused from answering this πŸ˜›

I just won a copy of Insmouse no Yakata on ebay, 69 dollars and cart only. Complete it would have been over 100 dollars easy. 100 is also my roof for VB games (and game stuff in general). Hence, I will never own the rarer games, starting with Space Invaders in price range.

I know some here have Virtual Bowling, SD Gundam and Virtual Lab and others. What were some of the highest amounts of money you ever shelled out for a VB game?

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I paid a bit north of US$400 for US Jack Bros., Complete in a *very* nice box. It was also the last game to complete my CIB collection, so I splurged a bit. There’s a small scrape on the label of the game itself, so I might re-buy just a cart some day, but for now I have to pay off my credit card, heh.

I’m really jealous of your Insmouse! That’s a great price, I think. That’s one of the main Japanese-only games that I want, but it could be a few years…

The most I’ve paid so far is $90 (shipped) for a (very nice condition) Nester’s Funky Bowling CIB.

I might break that while trying to get 3D tetris (I have a thing for Boxed sets…)

Otherwise, I can’t really afford to spend more than a couple hundred bucks on a game…even $200 for a sealed 3D Tetris is hard to swallow.. I mean if it was something I just couldn’t refuse, like Virtual Bowling for a good price, I could dip into my line of credit, but I think I’d draw the line at $500

CIB Virtual Fishing

I think it was a cart-only version of Waterworld. Less than $100. The prices were too high on complete copies and I just wanted to finish the US set. I have boxes for maybe half the games and manuals to all but Waterworld, Jack Bros, and I forget if I tracked down the manual for 3D Tetris.

I’d love to find some of the other stuff but the games are my focus.

My most expensive game was Virtual Lab, which I purchased just over a year ago through a Japanese proxy service. After currency conversions, proxy fees along with shipping/insurance, it cost me just over $600. That is still a decent price for that title considering its great condition and how rarely it shows up.

…It also helped that everyone else from this community was nice enough not to bid against me since they knew of my interest. πŸ™‚

That makes it the single most expensive purchase in my entire collection.

I have had my games for very good prices in the past :
Virtual bowling : 60.000 Yen ( 450 euro )
Virtual Lab brand new ( old stock ) : 40.000 ( 300 euro )
Sd Gundam : 30.000 yen ( 225 euro )
space invaders 19.000 yen ( 145 euro )

but this whas 5 years ago and most off the games i have buy in person in japan my self so i had no proxy server cost or import fee’s

I’m kind of a bargain-hunter… πŸ™‚

The most I’ve paid so far is $150 for a CIB US Jack Bros., followed closely by a US Mario’s Tennis Blockbuster “display only” box.

You guys are making me feel like a noob, though… lol!

Ok not really a game, but its invaluable, Flashboy for Β£90 a few years back.

I have maybe spent at the most Β£40 on a game, if that, the Flashboy serves my gaming needs.

My two most expensive VB games would be Space Invaders in a very nice box for 250.- and Water World CIB for 150.-

Still less than some Famicom games I bought….

Mine would have to be Virtual Bowling complete in box as new. was about $1,200 I’ve never seen a complete copy go for less. Let alone as good as new.

I bought a loose Virtual Bowling – about $300. Actually came in a lot that included a system and some other games that I already had, so sold those off for about $150, making it a pretty good price for that cart I think!

I gave $400 for “Space Invaders”; but beat that with $800 for “Gundam”. Unlikely I’ll ever pay that much again.

Gundam sucked, regretted that purchase. Figured I’d never be able to play “Lab” or “Virtual Bowling”, until I got a flashboy.

Just ordered a “Faceball Remastered”…


for me it was $350 for a very close to mint condition CIB Jack Bros US. I bought and sold a couple manual and game versions of the rarer stuff to get CIB versions, so don’t really want to think about what I spent in all on those, but generally for each didn’t spend more than $100-$150.

My most expensive game is Virtual Bowling .I payed 900 Euros for it.


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