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I hate to do this, but I just don’t feel that my “real” compo entry is ready for release… I was trying to do some last minute work on it, but it’s nowhere close to even being a game. The underlying framework is mostly complete, but I just didn’t end up with enough time to sprite and write behavior for enemies, which is my own fault for starting so late. I do plan to keep working on it, as I think it has the potential to be really cool, (and I know it would make akumie happy :-P), but I’m not even ready for a pre-alpha release at this point in time. As a consolation, here’s a screenshot that shows pretty much everything that actually works right now. I left it as an anaglyph so you can see how the layers work. By the way, if you can’t guess from the screenshot, it’s a Gradius clone.

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Wow! What a great idea to make a clone of Gradius!
I must admit my inclination towards this game is due to being rather hardcore into “shmups”
I look forward to any updates you make!

Finally someone is making a side scroller shmup game, sweet
About time

All the vb needs now is a first person fps game (a full yeti3D game so to speak) and a RPG game but released on catridge with save for us who only have flashboy but not flashboy plus 🙂


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