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Here’s a set of 3 Nagasakiya Virtual Boy Mario’s Tennis promo cards that appear to be different than the 3 that are currently pictured on this site labeled “3D Stereoscopic Marios Tennis Cards”.

I don’t know much about these cards, but I do know they’re not 3D stereoscopic at all. They’re much more like slides for a projector. I’m not saying that’s what they are, but I could shine a light through them and project the image on a wall.

These cards are quite interesting and anymore info on them would be appreciated.

Also, it would be greatly appreciated if maybe someone can translate these!

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Here’s some pictures of these cards lit up.

Nice find, thank you for the great scans! No idea where the stereoscopic part came from, probably it was carried over from one of the auctions we got the previous images from. I renamed the album until we know more about these cards and added your scans to it: https://www.virtual-boy.com/games/marios-tennis/images/978507/


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