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Looks like he is moving, if you are on the West Coast and want it see if you can get it off Nathan. The price is less than half I sold it to him for.


9 arcade games for sale (UPDATED new games) – $100 (Glendale )
SOLD – Mortal Kombat 3
SOLD – Galaga
SOLD – Simpsons
SOLD – Mario Multicade

Sega Outrunners (2 player driving cab) $400. Works perfect just gotta adjust the power supply knob.

Virtua Tennis $300 works
Street Fighter Alpha 2 $300
Sunset Riders 4 player $400
VS Castlevania $400 (Super Rare)
Virtual Boy Arcade $1000 (One of a kind) got it for $2k.
SNES super Nintenedo store kiosk $400 (Super Rare)
SEGA Genesis store kiosk $400 (2 player, 6 game multi system)
Japanese Neo Geo candy cab $1000 or best offer. (138 games on it. 25 inch monitor)

Mario Kart GP $7000 or best offer.
I just recently got these cabinets. They’re like new. Everything works great. Takes a picture of you and displays it above the character. Cabinets can be seperated or linked for 2 player racing. Probably the most fun arcade game I’ve ever owned!
Bought them for $6000 and paid $1000 in shipping and a new power supply for one. I’m asking for $7,000 or best offer.

90’s Pepsi machine. Turns on. Bill acceptor sort of takes bills. $200 obo.
Black light CARPET for sale too. $400 – About 25ft x 20ft


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Everything’s been sold.

Tighe, that’s some great work. Every time I see that thing it looks perfectly professional. Great job!


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