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How much should I be looking to pay for a copy of Space Invaders with just the cart and dustcap only?

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I’m no price guide, but I’d expect $150-$200.


How about a sealed copy of Teleroboxer?Someone needs to make a price guide for these games.

no point since it dependes on the seller, just expect the rare vb game to go for over $200

akumie wrote:
no point since it dependes on the seller, just expect the rare vb game to go for over $200

The seller price does not determine what it is worth.I could put Mario tennis up for sale right now for $1000.00 if that was the case.Most ebay auctions these days have a best offer option as well as the old bid and BIN and I just don’t want to make an offer that is more than I should be making.Anyway,I lost the auction for the Space Invaders cart,it was that and 11 other carts,I bid $326,lost to $370.I did purchase Teleroboxer new and sealed for $34.00 though,just need 3 more boxed games to complete my US collection!I have all the carts(and then some),just need the boxes and manuals to go with them.
Vertical Force,Waterworld and Mario tennis are the ones I need if anyone is selling.I lost the latter 2 on ebay recently at very low prices due to me not bidding high enough and the auctions ending while I was away.

I saw that auction to and I think that 360 Dollar are way to expensive…

It wasn’t too bad considering you got Space Invaders,Insmouse,Virtual Fishing,Space Squash and Jack Bros. plus the other random 7 games.I only wanted Space Invaders and was planning to sell the rest off as I already have all of them and I only collect Boxed games.I figured you could at least sell the rest for $200 so $170 for Space invaders is worth it in my eyes as the boxed version is hard to come by and you will not see it for any lower than $300 unless you’re really lucky.I just really wanted to play it.


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