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As I’ve posted here before, I have a bunch of US and Japanese ads for the Design Phase stand-up VB display. (They fit the floor unit, and the matching tabletop unit.) I’m happy to share scans here, but I checked with a couple of places locally, and I couldn’t find a scanner big enough.

I only have a standard flatbed scanner – it won’t scan the whole thing in one pass. So what I want to do is scan each one in 2 parts. But I’ll need someone with Photoshop (or a similar photo processing program) to stitch the 2 parts together into one image, and maybe do some color correction, if necessary.

I can scan them in JPG or PDF at 600dpi which should be pretty good resolution for reproducing them. Once they’re stitched together, I can post them here. I’ve had several requests for the files.

I see the Canadian version (French and English) was already posted here by someone else (Under “Hardware” – “Store Displays” – “Design Phase”). It appears that they did the same thing – stitching together 2 pics to make one whole. If you look at the images carefully, you’ll see a horizontal line where the parts were stitched together.

If you have a program to do this, LMK, and I can send you the files. Thanks.


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Hey Neil, I’m pretty Photoshop savvy and this sounds like an easy job. Please either post the full-res scans here or PM them to me and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks – Jordan

Great – thanks! Will try to get those to you in the next few days.

Sorry for bumping such an old thread but I’m just wondering if these were ever scanned? I couldn’t find any updates anywhere.

Hey Neil! Sorry for another bump of this old thread, but I just got a large Virtual Boy kiosk myself. Finally – only took like 20 years of longing. 😂 However, it’s a US unit and I like the Japanese style so much more. Would love to replace the ads. So if you’re still up for scanning yours, I would be super happy to help on the Photoshop side of things.

Now, THIS is an old topic! I think I had actually done this previously, but I can’t find the files. My scanner isn’t very good anyway, so I’d like to do it professionally. I know some places won’t do it, because the stuff is copyright (tho that’s probably expired by now). But I’ll check around this week to see who can do it. If I find a print shop that can scan it, they should be able to produce it in one piece, so no photoshop needed. I’ll let you know.

To give you guys an update, @pinmagic has by now scanned all his inserts in very high resolution! The raw scans are available here if you’re curious: https://www.virtual-boy.com/hardware/virtual-boy-interactive-display/downloads/1055493/

It will probably take a while, but I will piece them together and clean them up and upload the edited images as well. Three (sides of) inserts are done so far, eight more to go. 🙂


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