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I introduced my 9-year-old nephew to the wonderful world of Virtual Boy. He came over and kept bugging me about wanting to play the virtual reality machine. I guess with all the new tech, he doesn’t seem to care that it’s only red. He played Galactic Pinball and now he’s in there playing Vertical Force. I wonder if he thinks it’s odd that I have Japanese games…

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Bless his young developing eyes.

Are you saying I shouldn’t let him do it?

Surely for a small amount of time is OK?

Everyone I have let play VB has been blown away. Video reviews just can’t do the system any justice and it’s easy to jump on the hate bandwagon.

Of course it’s fine, anyone over 7 can safely play it.

Today he asked if there was a joystick for the Virtual Boy. He’s only coming next week on Wednesday and that’s because of Spring Break. It started early, so they apparently get 7 days off instead of 5.

I love when the younger kids get into the VB and retro gaming in general. It’s adorable explaining bad pin connectors, how we used to blow and jiggle the games in the machine to get it to work lol My brother in law is about 8 years old and LOVES my retro games (especially the VB)

speedyink wrote:
Of course it’s fine, anyone over 7 can safely play it.

Yeah, I think even younger is fine TBH. The warnings on the console were due to insufficient studies on lasers and eyes at the time and simple legal-ese to cover their asses as a company.

The VB doesn’t have lasers, but you are right. I heard Nintendo funded a study that ended up saying it was safe, but they said that just to be safe.

He asked the dreaded “why is it not in color?” question. I told him it was made a long time ago, in 1995. Knowing that I have old Ataris and stuff, he seemed okay with my reply. He then preceeded to play what I think was Mario’s Tennis, but then turned it off after a few minutes. I saw my missing 3DS on the coffee table, so it looks like he found that. But he’s gone now. Mom is taking him out somwhere and then she’s going to take him back home.

Kids are spoiled with technology these days, so it’s understandable for him to get bored with what was cool during our youth.

I have a two year old and when things go quite, you know he’s doing something he shouldn’t. Here’s what I found him doing. Lol. Dad spends too much time on the VB!

That’s too flipping cute, Kevin!

It wasn’t even on. When I plugged in Tron he was even more amazed. Lol.

retronintendonerd wrote:
That’s too flipping cute, Kevin!

Haha, cute pictures. 🙂


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