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Hello all,

I just found my old gamefan magazines back!
Some magazines have articles about VB games.

Where can I upload or Email them to??

The articles are,

GF vol.3 is.8
– small preview of Mansion of Innsmouth and Jack bros.

GF vol.3 is.9
– Full page preview of Galactic Pinball,Marioclash, Telero boxer,Mario Tennis and Red Alarm.

GF vol.3 is.12
– Review of Jack Bros.
– Full page preview of Wario’s Treasure Hunt,Panic Bomber and T&E Vr Golf.

Many thanks in advance!

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You can send them using this form: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/liaise/index.php?form_id=2

Or simply via email to chris@vr32.de

Thanks! 🙂

I have uploaded the pages to this site.
Hope you can use them!!

Best regards,


Great, thanks! 🙂


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