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Hi everyone!

I’m a new to this forum. It looks very cool and people are very interesting. I have a few questions for you all to get to know you better.

– What are your top-3 games on VB?

– And what classic games would you have loved to see in a special 3-D version on VB?

here are my pics:

1. Wario World
2. Red Alarm
3. Teleroboxer

1. Castlevania
2. Rygar
3. Street Fighter

Oh and by the way: THIS SITE ROCKS!

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well.. commercials:

1. red alarm
2. warioland
3. space squash..

about classic gaming.. well i think this could be my favourites:

1. bangai-o (isnt vb perfect for a port??)
2. Rygar (yeah max i love you to bring this game back to my mind.. 2d shmups rocks!!)
3. mariokart with 4 player link mode

and by the way: welcome to our forum max! nice to have you here..

Thanks! It’s good to be here.

Hey, welcome to the boards, my real name is also Max by the way. 🙂

Well my Top 3 for the VB is still…

1.) Wario World
2.) Galatic Pinball
3.) Panic Bomber

(Sorry I haven’t mentioned Red Alarm, but at this time I played RA that much that I enjoy playing this games more right now.)

My wishlist for the VB would be…

1.) Rayman VB (that would rock!)
2.) Resident Evil clone (sweet horror on the VB with Insmouse style)
3.) RPG like the SNES RPGs
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Woh, Mario Kart and Resident evil for VB… good choices. That would be killer games.

My pics

1.Wario Land
2.Jack Bros.
3.Panic Bomber


1.Super Mario Land 2

This is the best vb site ever!

Best games are:
1) Wario World
2) Golf
3) Red Alarm

And in my opinion, the game that might have saved the VB if Nintendo had published it, would have been:
DOOM!!!! If they could make it for SNES, they could have made it for VB, and it would have saved the system…. (possibly)
Wolfenstein 3D would have been great, but they really have tried to publish 3D shooters to realize the potential of this system. If it wern’t so expensive and have such crappy reviews I would love to get insmouse…

in my opinion:

1. Wario World
2. Jack Bros
3. Galatic Pinball

And it’ll be great to have Sonic on VB 🙂

Waoh sonic in 3d… sounds good.

This Games would have been great:

1. Star Fox (like the SNES-Version)
2. Secret of Evermore
3. R-Type

1. Red Alarm
2. Jack Bros. (which I’m looking for to buy again)
3. Virtical Force

1. Golden Eye (they should have just done it)
2. Panel De Pon
3. Mario Kart (I second that)

Secret of Evermore! Cool! Someone who played the game and likes it! So I ain’t the only one after all. hehe 🙂 nice choice.

1.Wario Land
2.Mario Tennis
3.Mario Clash

It would be sweet if they made SILENT HILL for the VB… =)

my picks

1- Gallactic Pinball
2- Wario Land
3- Panic Bomber


1- Doom all the way baby!
2- Dragon Warrior (What can I say? I got hooked.)
3- Scate or Die (Yes, another classic I had a weakness for, lol)

Actually, I believe it was spelled Skate or Die.

1. Space Squash
2. Virtual Fishing ( I’ts not that good but I had to put it here honestley cause I got so addicted. After finishing the main game I was fishing in the pond for many many houers. I got 16 out of 18 Fish now.)
3. Vertical Force

(Of corse this changes from time to time)

Like to see titles:

1. Any good roleplay in snes style 3d graphic. Nothin real time. Good Story, many gadgets, nice monsters and some 3d effects.
2. Street Gangs (Orginal NES, a.k.a. River City Ransom or something like Onasashigura Highschool)
3. Fast running Jump and Run


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