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I received an interesting e-mail from Death Adder, webmaster of http://www.SuperFighter.com, with whom we teamed up last year to release a Virtual Boy Demo for his multi platform recreation project of Super Fighter. He spoke about, you guessed it, Super Fighter for the VB! To just quote:

“[…]” Super Fighter is gaining more ground, and I am seriously looking to enlist a group of people who are well off in the programming area to create a complete version of the game for the Virtual Boy. All resource (gfx, music, sound, direction, docs, source code bits (x86 and C)) and so on would be made available, and I’d be “on call” any time, for beta-test and general direction help.

The target release of the game would be _commercial_, basically we’d handle production of carts and labels, books, boxes, etc. and sell the game most likely at US$29.99 each. Programmer(s) would be hired on at a salary level to produce the work needed and we’d (programmers and myself) would beta-test together.

While I realize it may be a ways off before we can do a high- quality production like this and make it “stick”, I’m putting the idea out there to serious programmers – I’d like for you to pass this information on via your website, stating my interest to find programmers and how well this sort of project would help the general VB community (a widespread, commercial game release isn’t heard of for VB these days, after all). It is my hope that in a short amount of time (months to several years), we can learn enough about the VB to tackle this project and to make everyone happy with an off-the-scale release. […]”

You can contact Death Adder at death-adder@juno.com. We will of course keep you informed about any progress of this ambitious project.

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Oh this is awesome! Can we still contact Death Adder to make Super Fighter VB a reality 😀 ?


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