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I came here from nintendoage since a friend of mine recommended i make an account here.

I repair virtual boy ribbon cables on the screens via soldering.

Is there a rules and guidelines page for this forum that i can read up on?

And is it legal to advertise this repair service here?

Also how to post pictures in the forum post directly?

im very good at what i do. ive even repaired other issues that come up if the console has more issues. Like fixing out of sync issues with the oscillating mirrors or cleaning dirty pins on the console for example.

Heres a sample of my work. I use hakko equipment with a micro solering iron, microscope, flux paste, and leaded solder.

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Welcome! Not sure about official rules of the board – I would say the only real rule is “don’t be a jerk.” πŸ˜‰

Yes, you can post your services – maybe in the Marketplace forum? As for posting pics directly, I would assume you use the “attach file” section below your message.

Looking forward to your contribution to the site!

Awesome thanks! πŸ˜› and i dont plan to be a jerk lol. i’ll just keep the general rules in mind then.

thank you for the welcoming πŸ˜€


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