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From our user mawa we got scans from Famitsu 250 (1995-04-14) plus photos of a Virtual Boy key chain, a black Virtual Boy cap and of the Japanese Teleroboxer demo. Thanks!

In addition, we got two new article scans from Game Player issues 06/95 and 08/95. Thanks to Retromags for scanning these!

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I like that witty response in one of those Game Player issues with the person who says what they really want is a Virtual Girl, not a Virtual Boy 😛

If there are any high-res scans of Famitsu 250 available, I could OCR and (maybe) translate it (or just let Ben S. do it ;-)).

@Runnerpack Higher resolution scans are available on the Famitsu overview page 🙂 http://www.planetvb.com/content/articles/scans/famitsu_jpn/250_(1995-04-14)/famitsu_jpn_250_(1995-04-14).zip


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