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Hello vb commnity!

I am new here, and wanted to introduce myself.

My name is sean, I’m from the north eastern united states,and into gaming retro-present.

I recently acquired my first virtual boy, after 21 years of wanting it. Lol

As a young boy I got a Saturn, and the vb released shortly after, iirc. My mom didn’t go for the new system as Saturn was super expensive, etc… so I played the display at a local sears and electronics boutique frequently, loads of Mario tennis, woohoo! Finally I bought the bullet on a local purchase via craigslist.

Vb, controller, battery pack, with serial matching box (cardboard insert only)
All us games with manuals and dust covers minus 2 obvious games Jack bros, and water world.
And a power ac wall unit with the box

The right eye works great, as does the sound, left is blacked out. I’m hoping to do some research and figure this unit out.

Regardless, I am very excited to own this! I hope there are some active members out there to talk about the virtual boy with. Most people don’t even know what I’m talking about when I say virtual boy lol.


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Hey! Welcome to Planet Virtual Boy! It’s great to see new users joining and taking interest on what the Virtual Boy offered. Also the problem you may have on your Virtual Boy is the common Display issue. If you look more into on the forms you’ll find out more about it.

Welcome to the forums. It does sound like you have the common display connection issue. Luckily this can be fixed for good.


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