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Hello everyone,

My name is JC; I just recently purchased a Virtual Boy bundle on eBay. And thought I’d join a community based around this wonderful system.
When I was growing up I remember seeing the TV commercials and begging my parents for one but they wouldn’t buy one for me (I was 8.); even when it went on clearance their argument was “Obviously it’s junk, if it’s already discounted… You don’t need one of those”. Thankfully I had a friend whom owned one so I did get to play one as a child and I always enjoyed playing Wario Land. I just recently within the last 8 months began to recall VB because of people comparing it to 3DS, so I continually checked eBay for a reasonable deal and 4 days ago I found one; now I will finally have one in a few days according to the tracking number.
I am so excited, the collection is a complete boxed VB with five games (Wario Land, Mario’s Tennis, Golf, Red Alarm and Vertical Force.); I am still needing to purchase Teleroboxer, Galactic Pinball, Mario Clash and hopefully a FlashBoy+.

Well, thanks for reading my story!


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Greetings and welcome! I’m not exactly a regular around here but it’s always good to see new faces.

Good luck in acquiring the games you’re missing — I’m personally down to two or three games from a complete collection. I still need 3D Tetris, Panic Bomber and Jack Bros. I’d also like to add in a copy of Innsmouth no Yakata from the J-only side.

Enjoy your new purchase!

Thank you, I am very excited to have finally bought one; I can’t wait to see all that I have missed out on since childhood.

Feel free to watch my Virtual Boy reviews, it might help you decide which games to get for it.


Awesome, thanks for the invitation and also I decided just to purchase a FlashBoy+ to complete my collection.
But I am still buying Teleroboxer and Mario Clash as I need those physical copies for my happiness. 🙂

I just wanted to bring my origin thread back as its funny how far I expanded my cart interest since then.

Nice. That reminds me of how quickly I altered my interest in the Virtual Boy. There was actually a time just a little over a year ago when I said to myself, “there is no way that I am going to pay over $100.00 for just one video game.”

To those who know the cost of Virtual Boy stuff, my current collection shows how drastically the Virtual Boy has changed my mindset on that. 😉

Benjamin Stevens wrote:
There was actually a time just a little over a year ago when I said to myself, “there is no way that I am going to pay over $100.00 for just one video game.”

Haha, I know that feeling. It’s still more or less the same for me though – the most I’ve paid for a game was $114 for Conker’s Bad Fur Day, back when it was brand new. I think the next priciest was RE4 Collector’s Edition, which was $105.

Kinda handy living where I do, nowadays. Basically makes all these things half-price in my mindset compared to the equivalent for an American 😛 Definitely can’t see myself buying a ~15yo game for more than the price of two brand new games…


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