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I am new to this site, just happened to check virtual boy on a search engine and it lead me here. Really nice site with a lot of info on this great system. I am not new to Virtual Boy, I’ve had it for 14 years now, got it the year it came out. It’s a shame it died so quick, not a lot of games, but at least almost all of them are great, with many of them what I’d consider to be classics. On a good-to-bad game ratio, Virtual Boy has the highest ratio out of all systems in my opinion. Granted, not that many games came out, but none of them were real duds, maybe Waterworld, but I never played that game.
My favorite game is Red Alarm, followed by Wario Land.
Best find was Space Invaders: Virtual Collection. It wasn’t really a great find at the time, I imported it as soon as it came out, so it wasn’t expensive at all. I do consider it a good find now, since it goes for hundreds of dollars.

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