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I’ve taken the copy (I forget his name now) of the Bound High virtual boy box and have modified it to work with other games. So, now I have a template to work from.

Would anyone want “new” boxes for these games? They’re a lot easier to make than NES boxes, etc.

I’ll show some examples soon.

I only made a Space Squash so far, because it’s a game I don’t have copies of all already


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Here is an example of a work in progress for Space Squash

Do you plan to leave the main cover image stretched and skewed like that? It seems a bit too distorted to me. Perhaps cropping it off at the area where the end of Peatron meets the bluish color would be appropriate. However, if you did that, the title would probably have to be moved from the lower left to the upper middle. Just my thoughts.

the image I had I stretched from the tips, not the sides so it should be correctly squared. I’ll review again. It was just a quick markup using the template I modified.

I’m honestly thinking of paying my sister to do some artwork for me. She’s an illustrator.

Family still needs to get paid right?




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