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Okay, consider this to be a COMPLETE pipe dream at this point in time, but I wanted to put this out there…

I’m one of the guys that owns and runs the GOAT Store, LLC, which sells a LOT of Virtual Boy stuff, especially lately it seems. I get a system, test it, put it in stock and it sells that day it seems, and the games we’re just finally getting ahead of for once.

Anyway, one problem I constantly have is that we end up getting a ton of Virtual Boys with cracked stands, or stands that are missing altogether.

Let’s pretend that I’m interested in getting a new batch of Virtual Boy stands made so that instead of having to decide whether to sell head units by themselves or rigging up some other solution, I can instead sell them with this stand.

Here’s my question… of the above options, what would you rather see?

Please note, there is still MORE than a 50% chance that NONE of these will be made, I’m just trying to judge interest from people who already own Virtual Boys on if making additional stands makes any sense.


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was there supposed to be pics for us to choose between?

one way to cheat a broken stand is to take off the plastic pieces that go along the legs and placing one of them in the middle of the two legs, instead of just on a single leg. it keeps the legs from moving and just about the perfect distance apart.

How about just replacement center pieces that are always broken? IIRC, Hedgetrimmer has modeled one. Also, you could check out this thread: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=3639&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0 .


Photos of medallion and fixed stand.
I got full 3D models of this & alos dimensioned cad drawings if any help. Maybe a batch could be made and one put on with any broken (or not, give it to them as a bonus as stand crack very easily. You are welcome to copies, if it works out for you we could work out something (i really want a 2nd VB & controller………)
the way i have it fixed now is with through screws, alot studier and no chance of the medallion cracking.
Hope this helps.


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