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I just thought I would introduce myself and thank everyone for all the helpful info especially regarding the glitchy displays. I currently own every US Virtual Boy game and Space Squash. I don’t really have any interest in collecting any of the Japanese games but I can’t stop thinking about playing Bound High. I really wish someone would create a “repro” cart of it instead of having to buy a flash boy but I’m guessing that is not very feasible. Anyways here is a picture of my collection.

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Welcome to the Planet Virtual Boy forum, Srimok!

nice collection by the way… however I noticed in your profile that you haven’t posted your collection list there! just so you know, theres a feature where you can fill out a checklist to show those who look at your profile which games you have in your Virtual Boy collection (you can even include photos like the one you shown)

I hope you have fun here! 😀

Thanks for the welcome



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