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SEGA Genesis is known affectionately as “Genny”. The original NES is warmly referred to as the “Toaster”. The list goes on–but there doesn’t seem to be a nickname for the VB. Why is that? Should it have one?

If it’s all right with you guys, I’d like to endow the VB with a nickname here and now–together, with the good members of the forum. The VB is bound to receive a nickname sooner or later–so we may as well do it here, where the expertise lies.

My first idea was “Big Red”, but it doesn’t seem to fit… Perhaps some of you already refer to your VB’s by another name…

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tomato boy? xD
or “wörtschl”, as “virtual” is pronounced in german. 😉

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VeeBee sounds all right, too. That was once the name of a dev site.

C’mon, people! Chime in.

VeeBee is also what I call it.

Thats why I names my dev kit (and website) that. 😛

[size=1]…I should really get my site back up…

Red Eye. Because playing VB for too long (3 or 4 hrs.) makes my eyes get red and tired.

I second lameboyadvance’s suggestion for “VeeBee”.

my vote is for “stand specs” because they are just like big glasses and you played it on a stand.

My Vote goes for VeeBee xD (i am really spamming this forum, sorry ^^’)

VeeBee sounds like a name everybody will remember


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