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Mexican TV show “Nintendo Mania” covered the Virtual Boy quite a lot back in the days. Here’s a report from E3 1996 about the unreleased Dragon Hopper from their “Nintendo News” column, which features a good amount of gameplay footage. Although it can only be seen on a small screen in the background, it gives a good idea of the jumping mechanics among other things. Skip to 6:27 for the report, some additional footage can be found at 0:48.

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Wow! Definitely the clearest look we’ve seen. Finally there’s some footage of the jumping! I always wondered how the scaling looked. Good find!

Thanks for the post. I lived for brazil for a number of years, so I can actually understand spanish pretty well. Interesting find, nostalgic stuff here, at the end of the SNES life, the brink of the release of the N64, and of course the launch of the Virtual Boy.

Reel Big Fish, is there any new information in that report? I wish I could understand what they’re babbling. 😀

Yeah, let’s see here, I’ll watch through it again. They said repeatedly “In order to enjoy the virtual boy, you have to play it”. And I agree, emulators or videos do the system no justice.. Ok lets see here..

At 7:10 she said “this game here is called Dragon Hopper, it’s like Zelda more or less. Its one of the new games for the virtual boy. Let’s look on the television and see it playing”. They only showed it for a few seconds, unfortunately, then the switched gears and started talking about Super Mario RPG.

Interesting to note that Dragon Hopper was going to be a RPG game like Zelda. You know, I don’t know why nintendo didn’t just release more games, they could have made a go of the virtual boy if they would have released more software I bet.


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