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ive been seeing a very rare item on the net up for auction. after doing a lilttle home work on it i decided to ask the community here. it seems nintendo power mag #75 came with 2 pare of 3d glasses..lol. one was 4 the n64 and the other one was for the vb.

the description i read said the vb glasses made certain colors stand out ( in the magazine and while using the vb) expecially red colors.

does anyone know or have exp. with these glasses and did they in any way make the vb display any better or cooler than what it was.

im still gonna grab em for the collection just to have em. they seem cool


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You seem to have misunderstood the intent of the 3D glasses.

The copy of that issue of Nintendo Power was in 3D, and the glasses enabled that.

They don’t really do anything to the VB.

I had not seen that Issue before but I have a pair of the glasses (they came with a box of markers). Basically each lens of the glasses has a prism in it, oriented in opposite directions along the horizontal. So when you look at a red object it appears closer than when you look at a green or blue object. This works ok in print but it looks terrible on a monitor, and is very dependent on color so it would do nothing for the VB.



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