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I laugh when people claim Virtual Boy is Nintendo’s biggest failure, as its not even close. But what were the biggest failures?? Based on research that I did, this is my results; I cannot verify the full validity of this post.

1) Nintendo iQue (An update to the Nintendo 64, released before Gamecube, it did so horribly that it never made its way to the U.S.), they built 200,000 and sold 15,000 (Out for 2 years)
2) N64 DD (An Diskette based system released for N64, had inproved graphics but sold poorly and never got released in the U.S.), they built 800,000 and sold 20,000. (Out for 1.5 years)
3) Gameboy Light (A backlit handheld, sold right before Gameboy Color; sold poorly and did not ever arrive in the U.S.), they built 250,000 and sold 25,000
4) Famicom Disk System (Sold poorly, never made its way to the U.S.), they built 500,000 and sold 95,000 (Out for 3 years)
4) NES Toploader, they built 300,000 and sold 150,000. (1 year)
5) AV Famicom, they built 600,000 and sold 250,000 (1 year)
6) Virtual Boy, they built 1 million and sold 770,000. It was cancelled mainly because of N64 coming out and Nintendo wanted to place it resources onto that instead. 770,000 sold for a niche 3D based system only out for 1 year is actually a success.
7) Game Boy Micro; they built 5 million and sold 2.4 million. (2 years)
8) Color TV Game; they built 8 million and sold 3 million (6 years)

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That’s a pretty neat list.

From where did you pull most of the figures?

I am thinking about buying a Famicom Disk System for a long time now.

Wikipedia and a whole lot of japanese websites.
I probably should have cited them. opps.
iQue and 64DD have had the sales totals switched by accident.

I’d say Nintendo’s biggest failure is that they didn’t stick with Sony and made the Nintendo Playstation…

I don’t think some like you protoman, sony want every money from disk nintendo station, may be is better idea if nintendo never haved deals with sony for that sistem!


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