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… in Galactic Pinball.

I was playing ball 2 on the Cosmic board, I played all boards and got the best result on that one so I thought I should go with that until I beat the five million high score…

Anyway, I missed an important timed goal when hitting the irritating rock moving from side to side and lost the ball, and pressed both flippers (L and R buttons) and slammed on both A and B as well as Start and Select simultaneously and then the startup screen appeared.

What the heck!

So I browsed through the unit manual pdf, nothing, checked the Galactic Pinball pdf – and there it was holding the formerly mentioned buttons resets the unit – why? What could it possibly be used for, turning the unit off and on works…

Anyway, no high score this time because of it and a reminder to read the manual before playing next time I start playing a new cartridge…


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Um… that’s the quick reset πŸ˜› . If you mash all the buttons, most (all?) VB games reset (I remember original Gameboy having that too). I find it to be pretty convenient, and when are you gonna mash all buttons in a normal game, except apparently in anger? πŸ˜‰


DogP wrote:
If you mash all the buttons, most (all?) VB games reset (I remember original Gameboy having that too).

Virtual League Baseball doesn’t. Of course, that game also displays the adjustments screen when you press Start.

Well, when sitting comfortably in bed, resting the stand a little on my hands as I held the controller it was easiest to use the trigger buttons to flip. And when I missed I instinctively got angry and just squeezed the controller…

When I played today – scoring over 8 millions – I used the cross-buttons instead, so the risk of doing this again is gone…

It seems to depend on the game rather than being a feature of the V.B. – on the GameBoy it was built into the actual GB – right?

I don’t know about the Gameboy, but I assume they’re all dependent on the game, rather than the hardware. The VB is done in software for sure.


Resetting is dependent on the individual Game Boy game, not the hardware.


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