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A new feature is now available, which let you receive notifications, e.g. about new replies on forum posts or new news articles, via E-Mail or PM. You can enable and switch notification options by clicking “Profile” > “Edit Profile” in the user menu. To receive notifications about certain events, subscribe to those through the boxes on the bottom of the respective pages, e.g. a thread on the forum. Management of your active notification subscriptions can be done through the User Menu as well, by clicking “Account” > “Notifications”.

In other news, three new tricks have been discovered for the Debug version of Jack Bros. thanks to Daniele aka Italian Boy. Those let you go through walls, show your current position and instant jump to the next area. Go to the Jack Bros. Cheats section to find out more.

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Wow. Those debug cheats are am awesome find! Do they work on a non-patched rom?

No, they require a patched ROM.


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