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I was reading issue 231 of Nintendo Power (August 2008) which happens to be the 20th anniversary issue and they were naming the top 20 games for each console. At the end of the Game Boy & Game Boy Color article, there is a little blurb about the Virtual Boy. “Since 14 games were released for the Virtual Boy in North America, we’re spotlighting only the best one: 1995’s Virtual Boy Wario Land. It boasts the same great action-exploration the series is famous for, plus neat 3-D effects that add to the fun of searching for treasure.” I can scan it if anyone’s interested.

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That would be great if you could! – I’m from Australia, dont get Nintendo Power magazine here, it sucks.. i mean i could buy them from eBay but if you could scan that article that would be awesome, id like to have a read!


Here’s the page for Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Virtual Boy.

Thanks for that! i enjoyed reading it! 😀


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