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Hi, I found this http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/8180/vbrichtigefalscheaufstekk1.png in another topic today and I would like to ask why are there two different stands? and why this picture says the one from the right is wrong? I’ve saw many official pictures and both are showed… I have the stand from the right, and disassembled it once to try to match the other position but its shape doesn’t allow to do that. I also tried to find soldering or something that indicates manipulation but there isn’t any.

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Well, I recently bought a VB (see the topic where you found the image) and it seems like the stand won’t go into the “right” position. Also, I’m not trying very hard to break it, so yeah… it’s not like I really ruled that out. I guess it’s just the plastic that’s preventing it from snapping in in the “right” way. So yeah, it’s definitely an original stand, just it’s not shown in the manual that way :-/ However, I doubt it’s fake or 3rd party, since I, too disassembled it and there is no way to assemble it any other fashion.



If you look at this Picture, you can see how Nintendo self stands the VB


yeah for some reason on every unit I’ve ever had, it’s easier to attatch the wrong way than the right way, go figure. It makes sense that the side of the stand with the braces on it should face the same direction as the viewing area on the unit because the player is less obstructed. On the other hand though it is waaay easier to attatch it the other way.


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