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Not sure if its me, this pc or opera but i can’t login using Opera browser, i put in my username but it don’t allow password entry, can’t get the cursor up in the box. 😕

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Seems to be happening to me, too. Nothing I type appears in the box, and there’s no cursor. I always just use the “Wand” to login anyway, and that still works (using Opera 11, BTW). Maybe it just looks like nothing is happening… *shrug*

This has to do with Opera not being able to switch the input field type from text to passwort on onfocus. At least that’s what it seems, but if you press tab again, focus jumps back to the user input field instead of the submit button. Press tab again to get to the password field and it works… Some weird Opera bug?

It works in 9.21. The joy of using an old version… 🙂

But yeah, I use the Wand too.

I still never got to log in with opera 11, just couldn’t get to put anything into the password field, i did all the pressing tab several times etc but nothing, so i removed it and went back to v9, which does the job, but it does need a few tab presses to get to the password field.


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