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Hi! I’m a collector of games, and i looooooooove computers. I’m very much intrested in:

-Amiga 500&1200
-Atari 8-bit
-Tandy 1000

and few others, but i wanna ask you:

What else good computers for gamin’ you know? I love computers so much, so i gave them 2 (!!) Big Game Rooms, cause first is (in plans…) full, i wan’t to complete 2nd, but it’s not worth making room for 2 computers, so i ask You. And yes, i have too much space in this room.

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Amstrad CPC

AMSTRAD CPC , good spanish games!!

They don’t really count as separate systems, but you could also try to find some of the home-computer-like “Famiclones“.

Got ’em.

I shall say the Sharp X68000 and the FM Towns marty

Yeah, heard about marty, must check out (Gamester81’s review is awesome!), not sure bout second one.


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