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I would like to know if and what solutions exist to output the video from a Virtual Boy while someone is playing the actual Virtual Boy (so I’m not looking for just an emulator).

I want to hear about every and any possibility, whether it’s some rare $20,000 developer debug hardware, some kind of Do-It-Yourself mod, or whatever.

I am not looking to acquire it, whatever “it” is; I’m just interesting in knowing if such a thing exists.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. Yes, I know what a TVBoy is, but as I understand it, it is only used for playing VB games on a TV. I am curious if there is any way for a single player to play on normal (or mostly normal, maybe modded) hardware, while still allowing spectators to watch the action on a TV or monitor.

Thanks. And if you want to know a little about my VB interest, I got a VB a long time ago, when I was a kid. I bought it for 30 bucks at a KB-Toys after the VB flopped and everyone one was trying to clearance them out. Of course, I got Mario’s Tennis, and a some time later, I ended up getting WarioLand from a bargain bin. Many years later, I have added to my collection by buying stuff on eBay. I haven’t gone after the truly rare stuff. You can see my collection on IGN. Just search for my username.

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The TV Boy outputs to the TV, and also has an output for a special VB headset (the “scanner” port). The development kits also used the same headset, and some had TV output… so you could do that with one of them as well.

On the homebrew side… I’ve built a TV/VGA adapter, which uses a stock VB, with the display signals brought out to an FPGA, which generates the video. Here’s a couple videos of that:

It still plays on the stock displays as well as the TV/VGA outputs (though being upsidedown with wires hanging out, it’s pretty tough to play 😉 ). It’s just a prototype using a development board and a bunch of wires… but if I ever get the motivation, I’d like to make a board to install in the VB with a connector on the VB for VGA and TV.


Cool, thanks for the info.


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