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Like I have said in my other post im huge into collecting new and old video games and this has been my very very lucky week, first I got a working intellivision with ten games,and all the manuels for seven dollars :thumpup: , and also I got a copy of Panic Bomber from ebay in the mail aside from it being a great game I was very shocked 😮 to see that it actully had the origional blockbuster rent code sticker on the back. :thumpup:. P.S I know that this dosnt have anything to do with flashboy, I dont know how to change it to off topic.

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Uh… is that good? Whenever I get carts with Blockbuster stickers on them, I take them off :-P.


Well im probably going to take the sticker off but I thought before I did I would upload a picture to this site. P.S that mario kart virtual cup game you made was cool, are you going to make any more levels for it?

Those are not uncommon, but I also think it would be interesting to have a collection of scans or photos of those stickers. Anyone have some more?

btw, vbrulez, just go to the forum you want to post a thread in first, then click the “new thread” button. moved to vb discussion (NOT off topic).

Here’s scans of the only Blockbuster sticker(s) I had left. It’s two Mario’s Tennis stickers on top of each other, so it was a bit tricky to scan the bottom one, but it’s readable. If anyone has any other stickers, post them! 🙂


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