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Since the initial announcement of the Nintendo 3DS on March 23th, I’ve been excited about the idea of another 3D console by Nintendo, 15 years after the ill-fated Virtual Boy, which almost instantly manifested itself in plans to create a website about it.

The name “Planet 3DS” was quickly chosen and the domain planet3ds.net registered on the same day. A rather lenghty period of finding a concept for the site followed in which I found two equally enthusiastic co-editors, Herman and Max, but also scrapped just as many ideas as I had for the site. Noticing I was going in circles, I created another site in the mean time. Pokémon-Mini.net, build for my friends from Team Pokémé, is based on WordPress and phpbb and was a perfect test run for Planet 3DS, which will now go the same (or at least a very similar) route.

Since Herman will be attending E3 2010 and the unveiling of Nintendo 3DS from June 15th to 17th, we of course had something like a deadline for getting the site up and running, but many other commitments came in the way. The result of this is the quickly put together, temporary site we have now. Should be enough to get you all the news from E3 until I can find the time to start working on the final site design. I still don’t have a definite concept for the site, but we’ll see how it develops, so for now, Planet 3DS is hereby going live and open to the public.

Stay tuned for some great days next week when E3 2010 takes place. As mentioned above, Herman will be attending and providing us with the hottest info, photos and video footage every evening. Meanwhile, Max will be in the US as well, albeit not at E3, but in South Carolina, New York City and Washtington D.C., and talk to the press, while I will try to post while being at work. Heh.


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He great news. I really appreciate the industries movement towards 3d. It was long overdue. My Virtual IO iGlasses that i bought real cheap on sale about 12 years ago have not been used a lot apart from playing Magic Carpet. The resolution was too grainy anyway. The question regarding 3ds for the people on PVB is: Will there be a Virtual Boy compilation? That would be such a cool official revival!


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