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Every, like, hour of inactivity from this site, it logs me out. Can you at least add an option so that you can stay logged in until the user feels like he/she needs to log out?

This has been happening since Planet Virtual Boy moved to HTTPS.

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Having almost this exact problem also.

I have noticed this as well. It’s definitely a First World type problem in the scheme of things, but it is a little annoying.

Yeah, it is doing that for quite some time now.

yep same here, and its pretty annoying

I have to agree with all of these people. It’s pretty annoying for me as well.

And it’s up to an admin to fix it. This is really serious KR!

StinkerB06 schrieb:
And it’s up to an admin to fix it. This is really serious KR!

Didn’t notice this as a problem yet … and that’s why it’s completely insignificant to me.

It’s not happening in Germany but it is in USA?!?

It has always logged me out, since the beginning. I’ve never cared or been annoyed, nor have I ever felt it was a problem. I allowed my browser to store my log-in details, which has made logging in a 1 click solution.

It happens to me too, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s been doing it since I started, probably why I don’t post more… Too lazy sometimes lol.


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