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now i’ve had this for a month or more n the site for a few week but i have yet to get any real replys from either topics or pms (i got one from dog thank you)

so sadly i must make a topic about this out of desperation. now i wanted a vb for ever i can still remember when they were giving them away n hyping it at my mall. but any ways i traded my computer parts for the vb with broken stand wall power 6 us games (wario land, mario clash, red alarm, pinball, panic bomber and mario tennis) but after about a day or so i noticed the left screen would mostly black out majorly glitch so on and so on and the right one sometimes gets grid marks. both were fixable by adjusting the screen but last time i could not fix it.

now i know this issue is the ribbon cables. but from there idk what to do i don’t have the screw drivers and can’t make one (i have melted so many pens, platis sticks, dental picks, tooth brushes, so on and so on) i don’t have the tools to make the modded screw driver. so to open it i am at a lose since i am on welfare so its not the best thing for me to buy one. that’s why if i buy any thing its super cheap or i do trades or its free

now if i got it open i would be lost again there, no fine tipped solder iron and my dad cant do that fine work on it. if the oven method is only a temp fix then i don’t want to do it also i cant find any guide for that

SO LONG STORY SHORT can some one fix it for me i have looked at every single option. i +just don’t want to open it up and kill it. i can trade a handful of items, sega genesis systems model 1 n 2, 2 nes systems (one has every thing it needs the other has nothing for it) ds games, maybe one of my vb games ..not wario land lol, any game from my collection of systems, computer parts big list, psp mods.. the list goes on

im in Massachusetts if any ones near by if not i can mail it out (trust me this is my last option) so if i can not get this system fixed i will either toss it out or just leave it next to y snes thats missing cables in the bootom of my desk

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ok on trash day (which is a few days away) im going to toss this out if i cant get a way to fix it till then since its just useless with no screens

Is that supposed to be a threat? Why do any of us care what you do with your VB? There’s a chunk of moldy cheese in my fridge that I’ll be tossing out on trash day (which is also a few days away for me). If you don’t have much money, why not put it on ebay and get a few bucks out of it?

Not sure if it helps you any, but I’ve got my site back online… sorta (it’s supposed to be up, but it seems like my new host is down at the moment 😛 ): http://www.projectvb.com/ .

I changed ISPs, and my new one only gave me 10MB, so I decided to find a new free host, and saw projectvb.com was available, so I figured I’d just buy that domain while I was changing things. The page is currently identical to the old one (and still has my old email address), so I’ll be updating it once I get everything figured out.



Hey Pat, I have a few hundred MBs free (will be a few gigs after i upgraded my account in August), so if you need fast, credible and free webspace, I’d be glad to host Project:VB. 🙂
PM me if you’re interested.


Thanks… it seems to be back now. I’ll see if this downtime is a regular occurance, and if so, I’ll definitely let you know 🙂 .


no i said that because i knew i would get a response. sorry about that but i am kinda desperate since its been a lil more than of a month of me looking desperately through the site than finally having some one make an account for me (long story shot i could only put in part of my email oddly). that and well i know this is a some what active site at least a few posts aday but with all my looking and asking i was
only geting part of the information i needed.

i mean i won’t even get into how many pens i melted trying to do the bic method and non of that works, i’ve even tried cheap tooth brushes. even funnier i tried a dragon ball z figure …well that one was more for fun.

the other issue is i do not have any way to make the screw driver/ mod a flat head. then i also have no way to do the soldering although i might be able to do the oven method if i can get this sucker open.

… ok looking at dogs site all i can say about what i have seen ….I WANT THAT. if you are wondering what i mean by that ….. i mean every thing lol. the nes controller to the vb is the one i want i can even mail you n old nes to use parts from. the vb to tv display i think is the most useful i wish theses were in the projects section of this site.

but basically i am looking to send this out to be fixed,mostly because i just don’t want to screw the system up. i have 2 nes systems to bater with 1 with all hook up handful of controllers 2 games n such the other is just the system missing a game door, then i also have 2 sega genesis’s a model one and a 2 with hook ups as well and 2 games. i also have random misc computer junk

also dog i might be able to help you on the softer eye shade, i have a sewing machine so i could see if we could make one but it would not come with the plastic eye shade piece

Don’t throw away your VB yet! I’ve been having this problem for months (on both screens), but I need to find the time to fix it. Look in the “Anyone got a VB screwdriver?” thread I started; I think someone mentioned where you can get such a screwdriver. About the oven, I don’t think much can go wrong – you have nothing to lose, and it seems to work for most people. Don’t lose your hope.

im the last one who posted in it. the links don’t work, well the ones i need. ya im too much of a pack rat, right now i have 4 other systems nes , sega’s that i don’t need. but ya the one screen just blacks out and i’ve tryed so much to get a screw driver .. hell if some one mods one for me / send me a food one i will give u a full nes, or sega genesis system or a vb game

I also have a defect display and played only with one, until today.

Today my study vacation started an I had time ^^.
So I decided to fix the display but all my Nintendo Screwdrivers were to short. I cut of the peak of a normal screwdriver and went to the heater installer and he weld it together, then i only had to grind it to get it into the hole.

I took the Nintendo Screw out of this pakage.

Now Im looking for a display.
All in all it cost me 12€ 10€ for the toolkit and 2€ for the scredriver.

If my english is to bad here in german.

Ich hab von dem Werkzeug Kit den Einsatz genommen hab von nem normalen Schraubendreher die Spize abgesägt und hab es bei dem Heizungsbauer in unserem Dorf zusammenscheißen lassen. Zum Schluss musste ich es nur noch abschleifen dass es ins Lochgepasst hat.

Nun weis ich dass mein Display kaputt is und ich ein neues Suche.


ok last night i was given an snes model 2 with the wrong power cord (for an nes) 2 tv cables (one for the nes n another for snes) then i got 32 FRICKEN SNES GAMES AND 1 NES GAME. pluse $10 for fixing a guys pc.. o n i also got a very very old 10lb craptop

but any ways 2 of the games board were shoved up inside so out of desperation i finally made the tool (but for an snes) the only problem i have is its tricky to use n riped up parts of the plastic.

so about n hour ago i took a screw driver i was planning to use for this took like 30 minutes trying to narrow the head, long story short i gave up. but now i found 2 others that i hop are long enough / wide enough at the head. so no later tonight i need to retry and i hope that dremel head is not to dull now

ok finished with one. only issue is its as narrow as i can gat it but it seems to be scraping against the walls but i got every other screw even the on by the eye piece.

so PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME send me one i’ll trade you a sega, nes, snes or vb game if i have to


ok i just broke the screw driver after getting one screw out of one of the deep holes. so now i really need help since i have no way to put the screw back in now …….

i have tryed the pen method and any other kind of plastic i can melt.

its to thick to fit inside and i’ve tried it. trust me i am very g+ood at figuring stuff out but when i get stumped i just need some one to lend a helping hand if i have to i will pay or trade for a homemade or a non home made screw drive.

Try doing this LEFT(on the right side of the control pad), B, DOWN(on the right side of the control pad), A, UP(on the right side of the control pad). If you did this correct any healthy(read: well functioning) Virtual Boy will show a screen with one horizontal line and two separate vertical lines crossing eachother. So if the vertical and horizontal cross it’s your games, if not your VB is probably out of alignment

if you read all my posts i know its a loose ribbon cable since it changed when i change the focuse.


im sorry but i keep getting told to do methods that i have done and fail over and over again i will give up a bunch of snes, sega few nes and even one or 2 of my vb games just to get a good vb screw driver

will it fit all the way and i need proof because i am very very cheap due to my lack of income and last thing i want to do is buy it and then have it not work


ok i looked that the action if it doesn’t work i m going to be so pissed. but hey theres 2 bits n now i can use it on my snes, nes games without maring the case like i did with the homemade ones

MasterOfPuppets wrote:

I LOVE YOU!!! ok i got the 2 bits today, so now i can open up my other Nintendo console and cartridges. now the one ment for the vb is trick it does fit but it scraps against the deep hole but i eventualy got it open, also you need to use a screw driver that only accepts a little bit of the bit, if not the its too short.

so now i just need to remove the screens and pop them into the oven so i hope doggs site is still working.

now if i get this to work i would like to buy a vb battery pack whats the standard price for one or can some one send me a spare one?… o ya i will up load a few pics of me fixing this

ok the oven method did not melt or soften the rubber at all i was afraid i would melt the screens so i took it out since the board was hot n the cables were flat so i put tape around the area like dogs site said. so i put 2 screws in it so i could go test it. popped in wario land , red alarm and seems to be fixed, i think the tape helped more then the oven method. so thanks to every one for the help and links. for the ones who helped me dog and master of puppets if you guys want i have some snes games if you guys both want a free one just cover shipping and its yours. basically a whole bunch of sports games

Glad to hear it’s working out for you. About melting/softening the rubber, do you mean the white silicone rubber stuff seen in this pic: http://www.projectvb.com/tech/displayfix/attached.jpg ? If so, yeah… that should definitely NOT melt or soften. What you’re trying to do is soften the adhesive between the display cable and PCB, which when softened will stick better when squeezed (with your fingers, and then reinforced with tape).

Thanks for the offer of games, but I really don’t need any. I’m glad you were able to get it taken care of, and hopefully it keeps working for you.



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