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I know everyone who cares probably knows this already, but I’m posting this here for hope.

This is one of my legit holy grails. I’m so giddy I can’t even boot it up yet. I put it on my GB everdrive, put it in my gameboy, saw the 1997 copyright and I turned it off. Even just that was so amazing to see… after all these years, of reading about it in magazines when Red/Blue was still the shit, and then watching the video that surfaced.
I’d rate this Gen 2 proto slightly above the Gen 1 proto I would also go nuts for. But this one I’ve actually seen, and wondered so much about it, that it ranks above.

Why post it here?

Somehow this gives me hope for my other holy grails. For some reason I never thought that when a silent, high class collector passes away their stuff would be auctioned. What if some high class collector in Japan has a bunch of unreleased Japanese VB games? Or some collector with Dragon Hopper or Zero Racers?

I dunno, this whole thing just gave me a lot of hope for those to turn up for some reason 🙂


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I was shitting bricks this morning. First thing I woke up too.

10 year old me is still going crazy.

I know they are translating it and restoring any missing/disabled scripts, but I hope someone else polishes it up after that and makes it into a full blown game.

This possibility happening might be my most hyped thing all year.

It’s crazy how early this build is, my 12 year old self doesn’t know how to deal, haha.

I watched a video of it being played. It’s literally a 35 minute demo that resets to the beginning on a timer, no matter what (even if you save, the save file is automatically deleted).

I lost my damn mind over this. I was up until midnight screwing around with it just so I could see how many weird wild Pokemon I ran into. I heard there’s work to make this into a full game so here’s hoping.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking the same about potential holy grails being found when collectors that keep it to themselves, pass away.

I’m just so damn grateful the person that wound up with it after the collector passed, had enough insight to publicly dump it.

My game kept giving me Chikorita as my starter but others I saw with Cyndaquil’s old form.

It’s probably not hard to fix the game, they can probably incorporate modified code from the release version.

Dreammary wrote:
It’s probably not hard to fix the game, they can probably incorporate modified code from the release version.

The same team I mentioned is doing exactly this.

I’ll definitely play it as videos have shown that the map is substantially larger then what we got in the retail version. How long do you think until it gets a reproduction?

A reproduction will be great ! Playing with unreleased pokemon is a huge dream we can now fulfill.
I’m really looking forward to get a physical version of this demo.


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