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No… you need a special screen to use polarized glasses. If you got the proper equipment to be able to use polarized glasses, it wouldn’t be hard to add the functionality into the emulator, but the equipment isn’t cheap. If you’re wanting something that’s not Red/Blue, you could do shutter glasses… I don’t think any of the emus directly support them, but it wouldn’t be too hard to add the support (I started to work on using shutter glasses, but got busy on other projects). That basically requires a CRT and not LCD though. You could also do a HMD with a true stereo display.


Thanks for the reply DogP, I’m afraid I will have to stay red/blue… that’s to much hardware stuff, and even when I really would like to learn all that, right now I’m to busy on the engine. I was just looking for a better way to diplay my project in my grade.

Thanks again.


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