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I’ve been fixing and refurbishing virtual boys for years, and I’ve never once seen a problem like this, and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever come across something like it. I recapped this virtual boy and solder-fixed the eyes, but when turned on, nothing is working. I put in Virtual Pinball or Mario Clash for troubleshooting, since they make sound immediately, even if the servos aren’t moving. But when I turn this on, no servo movement, no sound, and one eye is illuminated, which turns off after about a minute.

The coil on the main board is getting the little red light, and the one eye is lit full, so it’s getting power, (double checked with a meter) I’ve tried many games and shot some air into the cart reader to see if it wasn’t reading the games, everything looks solid with solder, and all cables securely fastened, nothing’s helping. If nothing works would that be a problem focused on the main board, or am I looking in the wrong place? I really appreciate any help anyone can provide!

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