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Figured it would be nice to see everyone’s systems and game/accessory collections. I’m quite curious to see how many of the VBs on these forums are in good condition, and how many Blockbuster, retail display, japanese, etc kits there are among us.

Regrettably I sold the VB in my avatar many years ago after I first joined. I think I sold it to then fund the purchase of a new phat DS. Bad move.

I’ve just gotten back into the VB scene after missing it so much. I just purchased a Japanese console in mint condition, boxed. Can’t wait to share with everyone. I also bought a secondary head unit only because I thought I was going to be buying a VB set that had a defective head unit (I got out of that deal). I think I’ll be taking the spare apart and using it as parts for my Japanese model. Maybe have the ribbon cables soldered for when the Japanese model’s go bad.

So I’ll be posting my pictures soon. I have quite a few games already, which I’ll show when I get the console pics up.

But everyone else can start ahead of me. Let’s see those VBs!

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i think i already have post this one but here again.
its not evrything i own i have allot more Virtual boy items so i thinking about making a second cabinet like this full whit Virtual boy items ( i still have one standing here exact the same cabinet )

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I want to see all your new pretty stuff from your Japan trip Mawa :). I got a bunch of new stuff in..and some more stuff on the way. I don’t thin I’ll update my pictures til they come in and I figure out how to display them.

You can check out my current pics under my username and collection.



pss. I’m going to keep coming back to this thread πŸ™‚ really interested to see how people display their collections

Wow you guys put me to shame. Here I thought I had a decent start, hahaha. Still, can’t wait to show you what I got when it comes in. It’s in beautiful shape.

Btw bigmak, you had a picture of a Japanese VB box, but it was all in black and white instead of a full color shot. What’s with that? Is that an early run or a store display box, or what? Very nice collection though both of you!

Yea, it’s called a mosaic box. It’s the first run that was send to Japanese stores so they could set up display vboys. There’s also a mosaic adapter tap.




Hi DaytonaUSA,

You can find all the information about the different types of Virtual Boy units here:


And pictures of each of the different boxes here:


The system you mentioned in BigMak’s collection is designated as the Virtual Boy (J) (Demo) system under the collection tab of your profile.

bigmak wrote:
It’s the first run that was sent to Japanese stores so they could set up display vboys…


Hey Eric,

When you say “first run that was sent to Japanese stores so they could set up display vboys,” do you mean that the demo systems belonged to the first run of Virtual Boy systems ever, which was also sent to Japanese stores for display purposes, or do you mean that the demo systems belong to the first specific run for display purposes only, which was actually a later run than the first run of systems ever. The reason why I make this clarification is because all of the serial numbers for the demo units that are listed on this site are found in the 34000 to 38000 range, which seems to show that all the demo systems belonged to a later batch than the first batch of systems. By the way, I’m curious to know, what is the serial number on your demo unit? Perhaps you could add it to the serial number inventory list.

I think you are right benjamin my japan demo unit is also a serial number in the 34000 i will recieve soon my second demo unit including the jap store display i will post that serial also to check.
What i see is tjat all the usa store units have very low setial numbers mine counter version is 1180 serial number.
Bigmak the seacontainer is on his way to the netherlands so soon i will recieve my items an can show you a pictures off them ( so you can finally see the originaal faceball promo flyer )

I never really thought about it before. I just assumed that the Japanese demo’s would be made up of the first vboys run..so people could demo them before they were sold. I thought that is why they had different boxes..that the box design changed after the demo’s were made. BUT..indeed..looking at my demo unit the serial number is V10036943.

So the grey boxes were made specifically just for the demo units ? so the red/black boxes were made before and after the demo units were made ?


Based on the limited serial number range of all of the demo units, I would, indeed, have to conclude that the mosaic boxes were specifically made for Virtual Boy units that were only intended to be used by stores for display purposes, not to be sold to customers, after the Virtual Boy had already been on the market for some time, most likely to help generate more interest in the Virtual Boy. It could have very well been in response to the first 30,000 or so units not selling very quickly as Nintendo had anticipated, but that’s just speculation. Depending on how many units were made in the first batches, Nintendo may have just decided to wait to make the display only units until later on for some other reason. I’m not sure how many units Nintendo already had made prior to the launch date in Japan, so these units may have been ready at launch as well, despite the fact that they weren’t the first units made ever. It does seem that all of these units were intended to be placed on the small black stand that you have in your collection, which was also only intended to be used for store displays and not intended to be sold to customers (it sure would be nice if those black stands were packed in with the demo units, for then I would already have one ;-). Thus, the store owners should have ordered both the black stand and the demo units in the mosaic boxes at the same time. Perhaps these units were even specially discounted for store owners, since the intent could have been to generate more interest and increase overall sales, but again… just speculating. Either way, the serial numbers so far indicate that only about 4000 of these units in the mosaic boxes probably exist, which make them very special to Virtual Boy collectors indeed, but if others who have serial numbers outside of this range can show us that, then we’d have a better idea of how many might exist.

hello all
i have finally recieved my new virtual boy items that i have buy last half year in japan.
So i have make now 2 display cabinets whit virtual boy items ( not all my items are on this pictures )
Here are the pictures also from my faceball flyer that i also have recieve today .
And from the last picture can anybody tell me some info about it there are virtual boy games in this magazine.

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Wow Mawa..as always..your collection takes my breath away πŸ™‚ nice a clean display. You make me jealous.


mawa wrote:

… And from the last picture can anybody tell me some info about it there are virtual boy games in this magazine.

Here is the Japanese information in digital format:



Here is what I am pretty sure it says:

The 17th
New Release Presentation

Software Products Listing

I’m not sure what “CSG” stands for though.

I’m not sure what “CSG” stands for though.

I know it it stand for Consumer Soft Group ( CSG )
they where at ‘95.9.3 in nagoya and ‘95.9.10 in osaka and ‘95.9.17 in tokyo whit a meetings.
I think this booklet comes from one off this meetings
and beacouse its the 17th (standing on this booklet ) i think its from the meeting in tokyo

My collection is the same in my profile, I haven’t gotton any new VB stuff in a long time.

Here’s my collection so far. (Sold a few of the sealed games since I’m not really into that)
Left side is my pristine loose copies. Right side, duplicates.

Just got my display case which was directly inspired by mawa’s awesome collection πŸ˜‰

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Holy Saint Francis!

MUHAHAHA you go Dor-si!

awsume collection and display dor si
and i feel great that i have inspired you to make a nice display for your Virtual boy collection.

Dor-Si and/or mawa,

Is there a particular site online where one can buy one of these display cases? I have got to get myself one of these someday.


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