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as i´m a collector (…) i discovered the following: In new japanese VB games there is besides the game, instruction etc. always (?) a card – but just for games NOT made/produced by Nintendo. In the package of my Wario Land, Mario Clash and Galactic Pinbal there is no card and in the others (like form Hudson, T&E Soft or Atlus) there is always a card inside. Can we say that: Is this a japanese VB game from Nintendo then there is no card and from other companies always a card inside the box?!

Thats just a little thing i noticed but as a collector i ask to myself if there is a kind of role i can follow to check if my games are “complete” or not.

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What kind of card is it? Does it have writing on it? None of my Japanese VB games have a card inside the box….

I have some of these cards too. So, yeah, I guess it is a feedback kind of thing 🙂




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